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The inspiration behind Pretty-Secrets is basically an online portal of inspiration about discovering your message to the world, having the courage and confidence to do it and how to get it online to reach the world.

About Me

Christina BluMy name is Christina Blu. Although the website is ran and created by me its not about me, but Pretty-Secrets is my passion and gives me inspiration when I create it. My passion is acting I trained at David Johnson Drama School for 2 years and also have a 2:1 Degree in IT. Pretty-Secrets is a mix of both. The IT degree gave me the confidence to know I could create a website how I want and the acting put me on an amazing self development journey and publishing it online is something that helps me express my ideas and inspiration. I’ve found a passion in finding my life purpose and helping others to find theirs too. I love writing and creating videos on the concept of the meanining and discovery of life like this one. Oh and Bob Proctor is my idol 😋.

I first bought the domain for Pretty-Secrets.net in 2005 when I was just 13. I did it for fun and I did made a lot of income from it at such a young age. I’ve always kept it and wanted to use it for something. Back in 2015 I found a huge passion for discovering the meaning of life; I believe that each person has their own unique purpose and after being lost for a while, my journey led me back to writing and creating this website again like I did when I was 13. Like it happened to me getting self doubt and listening to negative beliefs lead me on the wrong path. I like to write and share information that helped me get back on track and using my knowledge about websites/branding – so people can find their passion and share it online with the world.

Pretty-Secrets features quotes, articles, stories and tips from experts and people from all over the world about finding your unique self and tapping into your true life purpose. The website also includes tutorials on how to set up and brand yourself online along with marketing tips to help you set yourself up online to spread your message globally. Everyone has something to offer the world and getting yourself online is the best way to get your message and attract the people who need your purpose!

Whats Next for Pretty-Secrets?

Interviews with successful Entrepreneurs and Talents, Pretty-Tees, Dream Boards, Short films, Digital Courses, Books, Youtube Channel!

Main Features

Dream Boards – To help you get clarity on what you want and attract the next steps to achieving your dreams.
Inspirational Quotes
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‘Book Of Beliefs’ E-Book.

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Beauty and Health.

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