Use your mind to live your dreams and get wealth & success.

Learn the secret formula that will enable you to get exactly what you want with the exact strategy how to implement it in your life. You will never think the same again after these 30 days. ♥

Discover The Power Within

It all starts with one idea. Millions worth of knowledge broken into steps that will change your life forever.
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Learn how to create the life you want using your mind. Over the next 30 days, you will learn the strategies and principles that have been used for centuries by the most successful people in their world.
Everyone is equal, we all have greatness within us. Your job is to release it and you will learn how step by step.

All it takes is one idea to change your life, and over the next 30 days you will remove all limitations, clear your mind, learn how to manage your time, get more focus literally design your life, get confident, overcome fears and learn the steps to success to get there step by step. On day 31 the exercises will be repeated again but more specific, as you will grow and develop oner the next 30 days, when you repeat it 3 times the strategy will be imprinted into life and you will literally be creating your own life.

  • Day 1: Make Your Dreams Come True
  • Day 2: Your Imagination
  • Day 3: Get more Focused
  • Day 4: Align your beliefs with your dreams
  • Day 5: Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Day 6: Design Your Life
  • Day 7: Visualisation Work Out
  • Day 8: Clearing Energy
  • Day 9: Overcome Fears and Get more Confidence
  • Day 10: How to Implement your ideas and what to do with them
  • Day 11: Manage time, get more done and have more freedom
  • Day 12: Forgiveness & Move Forward
  • Day 13: Feel it
  • Day 14: How you speak is how you succeed
  • Day 15: Pitching Yourself
  • Day 17: Organise Your Goals
  • Day 18: Believe In Yourself
  • Day 19: Stop Worrying
  • Day 20: Mind Work Out
  • Day 21: The Power In The Present Moment
  • Day 22: How To Find Inspiration Everywhere
  • Day 23: De-tatch
  • Day 24: Attract wealth and make money from your passion
  • Day 25: Law of service
  • Day 26: Getting Your Dream Body
  • Day 27: Monetise Your Life Story
  • Day 28: Act As If
  • Day 29: Your Purpose Statement
  • Day 30: Taking Action

The more times your repeat these exercises the better your results!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program?

This is a mindset program that will take you through each step of changing your mindset so you can GO after your dreams. Over the past 5 years, I have been studying the principles of the mind and the secrets of the worlds most successful people. They all come down to the same principles. I believe there is enough abundance in the world for everyone to live their dream and everyone has a unique specific purpose. Each day you will listen to the video and follow the exercise. The idea is to get your mindset so strong that will lead you to your peak performance in life, you will literally design you life and live your destiny.

Who is it for?

If you KNOW you are destined to do something big but you don’t know the steps.
You want to create your dreams to a reality.
You have a huge desire and fire in your belly to become your best version.
You want to overcome your fears and have the confidence to be your authentic self.
You want to create a life around your natural abilities and gifts.
You want to be of value to the world.
You are determined but don’t know what path to take or how to organise it all.
You want to fulfil your life message whilst you are still here!
You have so many ideas, but don’t know how to implement them, where to start, or how to manage your time to make them happen.

How does it work?

You will have unlimited access to coaching and strategic mindset principles that will be implemented into your life for good. Each step is to be done day by day, no skipping ahead. Then after 30 days it will be repeated and repeated again. Your life will never be the same after these 90 days! Save time and maximise your results.

What is included?

Included is the principles of the mind and knowledge from the worlds top successful people, over 500 books of knowledge studied on the subject, courses, all broken down into the most simple formula possible, that changed my life.
Daily video that you will watch in the morning and implement the exercise that day.
You will also get resources that will help you.
Book with guide overview of the whole course.
Guided Meditations
If you complete the full course, you will receive a special diary and a Pretty-Secrets Tee!
The course value content is worth over £20,000.

When does the pre-order price end?

Pre-Order now for $99s and receive 1 hour coaching session. The price will go up any time and it will be £777. It is PRACTICING the principles of the mind rather than just reading and forgetting about it. You will incorporate into your life and receive so much inspiration. You will find it, it could be day 1 or Day 30, but you will get it.

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